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sarVita - Yoga for all and sundry*

sarva <sanskrit>  means "together/wholly"

vita <latin> means "life". SarVita can be understood as the life force, the prana, living at the present moment.

In sarVita sarva and vita teachings of Yoga unite in a concept, which is mindful for Yogi*nis of any kind of physical fitness or possible handicaps: sarVita Yoga tries to balance traditional Indian teachings and European needs.

In our practice we use the ancient yogic techniques to enhance wellbeing, vitality and prana, the life force. Some of the classes may be more challenging, others more soothing. For more details please check the German classes section  or contact us.


In the last years yoga attained a huge popularity in our society. Though, still there is a belief about Yogi*nis needing to be superflexible and sporty persons or at least interested in estoeric beliefs. Our aim is to dig yoga out of that niche and present it to all and sundry* in our small studio in Nuremberg.

People of any age and level of fitness should be able to learn what is needed for a steady yoga practice in the studio and at home.

Our classes mainly focus on traditional Hatha Yoga, which includes pranayama (breathing techniques), as well as asanas (body postures) and relaxation.

With many different concepts for classes and various styles Sandra   and gueset teachers want to meet the requirements  of their students and open yoga to a great number of interested people. From Ashtanga to Deep Relaxation, from Hatha Yoga in the Morning to Flow Sequences, for advanced and beginners, for enhancing flexibility or dealing with back pain, try practicing with us! Detailed information about classes can be found here (German)or contact us.


sarVita yoga is looking forward to be practicing together with you.




Our studio opens up 15 minutes prior to class. We run classes with the * only after registration.

Please check our current schedule here.




Card of 10 classes:      120€  /  95€*

Card of 5 classes:          70€ /  60€*

Single DropIn                 15€  /  12€*

Trialclass:                             8€

Private Lesson:               60€/   40€*


*discount in case of lower-income e.g. for students, social benefits, disabled persons.